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Cam/crank pinouts HELP

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Evening brain trust

So im building a harness from scratch for a ls2 based L76 with DOD delete.(this should be exactly the same as a L98 now)

I'm doing this without the aid of a stock harness to refer to

There is a few pinouts i'm not sure about

When referring to the Google i find all sorts of contradictions so time to ask

The pin out for the cam and crank

I have found 4 different pinouts and i'm not sure what to believe


Also is there a direction to the pin out of the knock sensor, does it matter

You need to determine exactly what year and model the cam & crank sensor are from. Then refer to the factory workshop wiring diagrams for the pinouts. If in doubt -- find a similar running car and test the connection with a oscillocope (or at least a voltmeter) to determine power supply voltage, ground and signal connections.

ok let me rephrase

i do not have access to a car with this motor in it or the modal of the car the motor came from. i got this motor as a bare motor very few details about it

can you point me to resources that relate to LS2 L98 L76 engine sensors

im also using a aftermarket ecu

There are two common trigger systems on the GM LS engines, Often referred to as 58X or 24X. They are easy to tell apart from the outside, the 58X trigger has grey plastic sensors (both crank and cam) while the 24X engines have black plastic sensors. Post back what you have.

Gray 58x


ok pinout below, note however they are meant to be powered by 12V, the 5V was a typo by me when I originally drew it and I haven't gotten around to correcting it. They do seem to work fine with 5V,8V or 12V but the factory used direct unregulated 12V.

these diagrams are viewed looking into the sensor housing.

thank you very much

this is great

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