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Chassis wiring protection

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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In the EFI fundamentals course, nylon braid / Ray chem DR25 are favoured over corrugated tubing / tape, but that seems more geared more towards under hood EFI wiring.

If I have wiring running along a F150 chassis (rear tank / tail lights etc), what would be the ideal wiring protection from abrasion and the elements? Would it still be the DR25? Would you use a nylon braid over DR25 if I wanted the aesthetics? Could I put some sort of sheathing cover over the corrugated tubing to improve aesthetics?

The OEM was tape with split corrugated tubing.



I use split loom tubing (corrugated tubing) most often when running wiring along a frame rail.

Braided loom would also work, if you want something that looks better, DR-25 would also work.

This all depends on budget and the aesthetics that you want to end up with.

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