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Combined Temp/Pressure Sensors

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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So I found this Bosch combined temp/pressure sensor while trawling the internet.


It seems very interesting as it is a similar price to a Bosch MHL and saves the extra expense of purchasing a separate temp sensor.

I'm considering using this for both oil and fuel (E85).

My main concern is that in the datasheet it suggests remotely mounting the sensor to isolate it from vibration (makes sense). I understand this would not be a problem for measuring pressure, however for measuring temperature I would expect you would need flow of fluid across the sensor which wouldn’t occur with a remote mount setup.

Has anyone else used these sensors? Any concerns or problems? Are they compatible with E85?

Has anyone done a remote mount of a temp sensor before, and how well did it work?

To give relevant temperature measurement it would have to be mounted so that it had the fluid flowing over the sensing tip. It is not going to give a realistic temp measurement if fitted to the end of a hose with stagnant flow.

I dont see on the datasheet where it says it must be isolated?, in fact it mentions even mounting in the adapter could cause temperature dissipation or undesired vibrations. It looks like it is designed to be mounted directly in the fuel rail to me.

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