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Confused about open barrel splices and tools

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Looking at the tool source posting, it would seem I have correct parts, but I could not get it to work.

I had purchased a few difference size crimps such as:


and a tool that was labeled for open barrel splices:


The description mentions it also does weather and metri pack, but I did not realize it only did those.

It unfortunately would not perform any good crimps on the open barrel splices, and the insight I received in reply from ProWire.com is that the tyco open barrel splices require a $10k press, so most just try different tools until they find one that works.

Which tool specifically can I use for those?

Will this kit work? https://www.prowireusa.com/p-1990-quick-change-ratcheting-crimping-kit-with-9-die-sets.aspx

I'd definitely use a ratcheting crimper though that crimper should have been able to get you some pretty good results with a little finesse.

Will the kit I mentioned above work? I went through various sizes and multiple pieces quite carefully, and something is off about the angle, as it would bend the back center in before rolling the top wings. ProWireUSA also confirmed that one won't work with it, but users have found others they say have worked...I just don't know which. I can pick up the kit above if that will work better.

The common tool for open barrel splices is the Sargent 3187 or GM12085271. I have never seen the cheaper/less stiff tools even with similar cavities do the splices well.

Thanks for the info. I just tried a different cheap (non-ratcheting) weather pack plier I had put away and not even opened, and it actually worked! Strange how one weather/metri pack plier couldn't do a single one, and this other cheap one did 3 different sizes no problem.


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