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Cost benefit of TXL over Tefzel ??

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I have been reading with interest many threads where people refer to Tefzel being expensive relative to TXL and while I can see it is cheaper I would have though the negligible cost difference didn't warranty having two types of wire that you don't really mix.

Many years ago we changed our entire wiring program over to TefZel and haven't looked back. Buying 1000ft rolls and using pin numbers as opposed to lots of different wire colours which value added little once back shelled and booted anyway . I have found that using one type and wiring and investing in tooling and setup has seen a cost saving far in excess of the cost difference between TefZel and Txl. Not to mention the size of the wire rack needed and the size of the looms

Am I missing something ? Why do people still use TXL ? is there that much of a cost difference or is it more about availability ?

Granted we used the same justification to change from Fuses and Relays to PDM's but I will admit that was a pretty big stretch initially but now ... I can save almost the entire cost of the PDM in labour alone between relays and fuse setup as opposed to pinning a PDM and loading a config file.

Interested to hear feedback from peoples as to what they use, why and how they cost it

In retail terms, cost is a factor of about 10x between TXL & M22759/32. In USA, 20AWG TXL = ~$0.03/ft. 20AWG M22759/32 = ~$0.33/ft. So, probably not a big part of the equation for a professional level harness when you factor in DR25, boots, autosport connectors, twisting, etc, but for a more basic loom with say braided sleeving, lower level connectors and no twisting etc I can imagine it would make a fair difference to the bottom line.

Bearing in mind most of the guys doing these HPA courses are DIY guys or beginners, not professional loom builders.

Adam's on point here, its all about that quantity you're building. When you're building your first harness, getting tooled up to work with Tefzel properly can be fairly pricey, and often the MOQ's are much larger. I'll admit with boutique suppliers being more common these days, it is more available in smaller quantities than it used to be.

If I was building harnesses non-stop, really cranking them out, then absolutely I'd use solely Tefzel, as keeping just the one product line in stock would end up saving a lot of money and space.

It's funny after I asked that question I was actually having a look at one of Zac's Webinars in which he addressed my exact question, to be honest I did not even think about someone setting up to do just one loom. If I had of then I probably wouldn't of asked the question as he is spot on with cost of tooling you would never buy it for a single or a couple of jobs. It also made me have a look at the cost Tefzel as well, it really is pretty pricey in small quantities, I have only ever bough in 1000ft roll's which drops it under $0.10 a ft.

Thanks for pointing it out and makieng me have a look, always good to have a reality check as to what most are doing.

excuse my ignorance, but apart from strippers what tooling differences are there between tefzel and TXL?

It is pretty much just the strippers, but there is a couple of hundred dollar difference between the Stripmaster Lite / Ergo Elite and the standard Stripmaster's I use for a club level harness. Can be a hard pill to swallow!

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