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DBW on Evo 8 using Link ECU

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I am in the process of setting up DBW on my 2003 Evo 8 using Link ECU, Bosch 74 mm TB and an evo x pedal. I have the service manual for the Evo x and According to this diagram I understand the following:


Pin 1 +5V White/green

Pin 2 Ground Green/white

Pin 3 APS (Main) Gray


Pin 4 +5V Yellow/red

Pin 5 Ground Blue/Red

Pin 6 APS (Sub) Yellow/Black

Where I am struggling is the Numbers on the actual plug appear to be completely backwards but the colors match.

EG pin 6 in the diagram is pin 1 yellow/black. So I dont know if I somehow got the Friday car? Do I trust the colors or the pin location?

[img="blob:https://www.hpacademy.com/dd21bc16-8a40-4192-bc34-303d77d77bf6" alt="" alt="" ]



Can't you use your ohmmeter on the pedal to confirm which is pin 1 (a fixed resistance value to pin2), vs pin 6 (a variable resistance to pin 5). Move the pedal while measuring the resistance -- I'm betting on the wire colors being correct.

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