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Deutch connector compatibility, tooling and sourcing

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi there

I've just done the fundamentals course and I'm now looking for where to get connectors and tools. I'm in Christchurch, NZ. I’ve ready through the sticky post and checked some of the usual suspects.

1 Compatibility

Are the TE and Amphenol connectors fully compatible?

2 Tooling – size and quality

The 3x crimp tools are by contact size, but there is some overlap in the wire sizes that each contact accepts. For example, the DT Size 16 contacts can go down to 20 AWG, and the DTM Size 20 contact can go up to 18 AWG. Do you always use the tool for the contact size, or is it a bit of trial and error when at the extremes?

How do the recommended Tool Aid crimps compare to the MSEL field service crimps?

3. Contacts

Is there are good sources for bare solid contacts?

Using this complete kit at 20+ units, it’s cheaper to part them out for contacts than to order spare contacts, which seems a bit silly. https://msel.co.nz/deutsch-dt-2-way-connector-kit/

On Digikey I can’t find any TE contacts in stock, and the AT62-201-16NKIT / AT60-202-16NKIT contacts are still more expensive than the above.

I’d like to be able to get contacts in bulk for various size wires, and just populate as needed. I suspect I will still mess some up, and want to mix different wires in the same connector housing. But it looks like it will be cheaper to buy kits for both the 14-16 AWG and 16-20AWG.

I’m also interested in a source of 2 way nickel DTM connectors that accept 18AWG wire. MSEL only sell the 20AWG gold versions which are spendy.



1 - yes the Deutsch and Amphenol stuff are completely cross compatible. They share wedgelocks and terminals. You will find the Amphenol catalogue to be bit broader for options.

2 - This is an area where the price difference between tools starts to show. The one contact size a tool type are not adjustable, you need to ensure that there's enough wire inside the terminal's crimp to grab correctly. Tug tests to ensure the wire is held correctly are required with this tooling imo. These are solid contacts I am referring to.

3- I am in North America and I buy a lot from Prowire USA or Mouser for these type of connectors and terminals. Prowire does sell a kit option for 18 awg terminals in DTM connectors. They are a bit expensive compared to the normal ones, but they have a milspec number I believe so there should be a way to get them from an NZ supplier.

Great stuff Tyson.

Prowire USA, Mouser, Racespeconline.com, are some US buying options, but I don't know who might have the best shipping to New Zealand. I'd give them a look to see.

It may be worth asking TE, Amphenol if they have local distributors are in your area.

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