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DR25 white or yellow print

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Is there a partnumber difference between yellow or white print on the heatshrink?

Not what we have seen. In New Zealand we get supplied mainly white print DR-25 but occassionally when TE run out of stock, TE supply us with yellow print. They both have the same part number on the invoice.

For some reason we think the yellow is from a plant supplying the US market.

Can anyone in the US confirm what colour the printing is on their DR-25?

I get white print only from IS Motorsports in Indianapolis. That's just who we get our supplies from so not sure what other US suppliers are carrying.

When I ordered in the US I get sometimes white sometimes yellow. I want a uniform harness with one color, would be nice to be able to seperate the 2 colors.

There is no part number difference if i recall correctly. But the white is made for the european market and the yellow is for the US market. costs the same however and there is plenty of places that stock both versions. Check with your supplier first to see if they sell the white or yellow version.

In the US, it's very easy to find both versions, but the yellow is more common to use

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