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Engine and chassis grounding - conductive grease?

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Hi all,

Recently refinished the interior and engine bay of the race car. Need to install grounding lugs/studs for star grounding to chassis & engine. After I remove the paint near the stud (for conductivity), is there an electrically conductive grease someone can recommend? Naturally I don’t want the bare steel and threads to corrode, but I need whatever I add to aid in conduction, not insulate.

Also, would love any suggestions for a product that can be used to properly ground to the chassis. Alluminum riv-nuts?



It may not be the "proper" stuff, but I've used "coppercoat" anti-seize grease many times without issues.

Good question, I'm curious to see what various people have used.

Rivnuts can be used for ground points, but be aware of galvanic issues between the alloy of the rivnet and the steel in the chassis with current running through it. I also find that as they are not fully flush with the surrounding metal, you do not get a full contact with between the lug and body. The better option is to weld a stud onto the chassis as this ensures a positive contact.

As far as protecting the point from corrosion, for long term use I would either paint over it (assuming that there is not space between the lug and body that the paint can get into) or use an RTV to seal it. For short to medium term there are a number of products on the market like CRC 5098 that is designed to protect and seal Battery terminals from exposure.

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