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Evo 7 and Motec M130

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hello everybody...

I'm wiring up an Evo 7 running a Motec M130 and I have a few doubts about it.

Crank and cam sensors feed: 5v or 12v?

EDIT: It's attached the crank and cam wiring diagram. It shows the power supply voltage coming from the relay (12v). I can wire it up using the 5v instead?

Idle Air Control: I've noticed it is 6 wire, two of them is 12v from main relay, how I should wire the other four? Would be better to adapt a two wire valve instead? If yes and I choose for the two wire pwm, which pin on the ecu I should wire it?

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Supplying power to the crank and cam ahll sensors with 5V *might* work, but I'd personally supply when with 12V, as per the factory setup.

The idle control valve pictured is a stepper motor type. The two 12V supply pins are fed power when the system is enabled, and the ECU grounds each of the other four pins in a certain sequence to drive the motor inside the unit. I've not wired one of these up on a MoTeC M130, but I'm sure their ecu's must support stepper motor idle control valves. You'll need to have a good read of their documentation, but it will comes down to wiring each of those four remaining pins back to four output pins of the ECU. These pins will either be specified in the documentation, or you'll be able to select them in the software.

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