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FAST Remote IACV wiring with EMU Black

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I am a noob and slowly trying to figure this out one step at a time. I have a 2JZGE Turbo with an aftermarket intake. I chose to go with a remote mount idle air control valve from FAST. https://www.fuelairspark.com/remote-iac-valve-adapter-w-filter.html

It is a GM style unit with a 4 pin plug.

As I build my harness for my EMU Black, I researched and decided that the H-Bridge pins from the ECU were what should be routed to the IACV. The instructions from ECU Master reference the Classic, so instead of H-Bridge it is called Stepper motor #1 winding A and so on.

I have attached the pin outs and wiring diagram...

If I am correct that all 4 H-bridge connections go to the IACV, then how are they oriented? What is high and low.

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The diagram below shows a schematic of a four-terminal stepper motor. Note that there are two coils. Use an ohmmeter to pair the terminals with a common coil. Pins 1 and 2 must be connected to the terminals for one coil, while pin 10 and 11 must be connected to the terminals for the other coil. If it is found that the stepper motor runs in the opposite direction to that expected, reverse the wiring to pin 10 and 11


Thanks for the response. I didn't see an attachment, but I think I understand.

Am I correct that the H-bridge outputs on my ECU are what I need to use when running the stepper motor?

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