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GXL wire

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Looking for a more affordable option than "milspec".

I'm a weekend racer not a professional. As such I'm looking to build a loom that's budget orientated. So dt dtm and dtp connectors. No firewall connector and new oem plugs where necessary.

So where can I get quality gxl wire?

How have people found this wore to work with? Easier than tefzel?

Plan is to cover it all in mesh sleeve, small amounts of glue lines heat shrink.


or am I looking in the wrong place?

I've never used GXL wire but looking at the spec's it is suitable for use in the aftermarket world, the only thing to be cautious of is the melting point of the insulation compared to that of the heat shrink that your using.

I used TXL wire which i think is thinner insulation. Bought from custom wiring solutions in Brisbane http://customwiring.com.au/

Wire Barn .com has GXL and TXL

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