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Harness adapter connector idea for engine swap

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Have a 92' 1.6 miata and I'm swapping a 2001-2005 1.8 vvt engine in it. There's some wiring differences[1] but they all come down to cut & splice & join and add wiring for new sensors (knock sensor, 2 injectors for sequential injection, ...). I have the full harness for the new engine with connectors, OEM assembled and time tested wiring, which I would like to keep. If I ever want to swap back the 1.6, I would rather take the time now and build something compatible than re-doing everything later.

Given that I'll need to cut my car's wiring regardless, would it be OK to have a single big connector, connecting the in-car and new engine harnesses (which could enable me to keep my harness compatible with both engines), or is there some reason against this like EMR and I should just join them with open barrel crimps and be done with it?

[1]: https://www.thecarpassionchannel.com/vvt-wiring

You can buy an adapter harness from DIY AUTOTUNE like I did with mine.The OEM harness goes in the black box and the plug goes to my Vi-PEC i88 ecu. Works great.By the way this is for my Miata too ; )

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That's great, thanks for the info! Do you know what connector is that? Is that specifically for your ecu?

I have a Pnp ecu for my OEM wiring, I dont know how I would benefit from that specifically but, it suggests there's no problems doing something similar with my wiring!

The plug is dedicated for my ECU. The big black connector it's suitable for your Mazda MX5. This where the OEM harness goes.

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