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Identifying different pins/plugs/terminals

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hey, I recently bought a job lot of automotive wiring products, Raychem spec-44 wire , Dr-25, bunch of dtm connectors and a load of 602GB amphenol connectors, few AS connectors in there too.

Problem I have is I've got lots of tubs of various pins, they all have colours round them but looking online there's conflicting information on the colours.

What size are they? What plug are they for?

Any input would be appreciated.

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These terminals are colour coded, like transistors.

You can decode each one with this link:


Check the image attached, I've searched for the first tube's terminals (orange - blue - orange) and it returned to me all the info about it.

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orange -blue - orange: 20 AWG

MIL-DTL-26482 Series II

-red - red : 20 AWG

-blue - blue : 16 AWG

Both are EN2997 (they use a different color coding)


page 166 for the mil spec color bands

page 168 for the commercial color bands

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Ludo, what about the deutsch dt, dtm and dtp series terminals?

Which positioner I should use? I couldn't find any useful info about these ones. All I know is what I could gather here:


"I have seen the AMP pro crimper III on ebay for a $200-300 US dollars and from various places that sell new for around $300-350 new so i don't think the die for it wont be $1500? U must have it confused for another kit.I am also aware of a cheaper crimper for the superseal 1.0 which can be found here http://www.msel.co.nz/epages/motorsportelectronics.sf/en_NZ/?ObjectPath=/Shops/motorsportelectronics/Products/TOOCRIGP

Regarding the DMC MH860 positioners. I have found the positioners for the AFM8 which is

K40 - Deutsch AS series size 22 sockets

K42 - Deutsch AS series size 22 pins

K43 - Deutsch AS series size 20 sockets/pins

K151 - Deutsch AS series size 16 sockets/pins

Do these apply for the Deutsch DT , DTM series connector contacts?

But deutsch do not mention the M22520/7 which is the DMC MH860 only the m22520/2 for the DMC AFM8

Whats the difference between M22520/2 and M22520/7?"

And the DTM series AF8M positioner is the K1S.

Thats all I know.

For the deutsch DT DTM you're supposed to use the HDT-48-00.

Personally I use my DMC AF8 (M22520/1-01) with the turet TH163 (M22520/1-04)

(By the way, notice the color VS wire size)

For me the HDT-48-00 is just an AF8 with the "universal" head UH2-5.

The MH860 use different positioner than the AFM8 or AF8, and it's too small for 12AWG anyway (DTP)


I also have an AFM8 (actually two) that I use exclusively for the 22 and 20 terminals with 22 AWG or smaller wire.

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