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Injector Dynamics 1050.XDS wiring using M150 Peak & Hold Outputs

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I've read all the relative posts I could find on this topic and would like to run this by you guys.

I'm working on an LS M150 engine harness. Using PH outputs (as I understand these outputs switch to ground AND the configuration in M1 Tune will setup this output for my high impedance/Saturated injectors). So, one injector pin will switch to ground via ECU and the other injector pin will be supplied with a switched +12v source from the PDM. Currently, I have two 20awg wires to supply power to each bank of four injectors, and I plan on bifurcating each of these wires with 20 awg to supply power to all 8 injectors. For each ID1050 injector, I believe the peak amp draw is close to 3-4 amps and the hold amp draw is

Sounds fine to me.

Thank you David. I very much appreciate your input!

I did have a second question, not sure what happened but I may have inadvertently deleted it prior to posting. So, that question was in regards to supplying power to the injectors via my PDM 30. I plan to use an 8 Amp Output to feed the four 20 awg main injector wires PLUS a switch wire for my M&W CDI (total amp draw < 100 mAmp). To continue my thought from above, injector amp draw is ~ 3-4 amps and the hold amp draw is < 0.5 amps so, since the injectors are not firing simultaneously, will this configuration be acceptable on a single 8 Amp Output from the PDM or am I pushing my luck?

Thank you,


You'll know once you use the PDM to measure it. I usually run injectors and ECU from the same 8A output. Looking at some data from the last LS3 based race car I have, it used about 4.5A for ECU and injectors at full chat. Peak was a spike of 6A , probably DBW throttle blip current for a gear shift (M150 running GPRP).

Thank you David.

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