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Kpro v4 can harness to Aem cd7 can only dash

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Hi guys, first post just got two tuning courses. I'm wiring my kpro harness to a Aem can 2 dtm connector. I have terminated the krpo side with a 120ohm resistor but I don't have a circular crimper to put the connector pins into the female dtm 2 pin female I purchased. My crimps are not clicking into place and I can pull them out of the connector every time.

My question is can I disconnect the can2 male 2 pin dtm and not wire the connectors into the 2 pin dtm connector I have, and instead just use butt connectors to join the 2 twisted wires together. I know it will be more permanent but can you think of any way this would be an incorrect way of wiring it up? Of course I have both electrical tape, tesa tape and braided harness to protect everything from shorting out?

I know the answer is buy closed end connectors and a circular crimper but I would rather just wire It in the way I have explained above.2003 civic sir ep3 k20a2 FBO na kpro v4. Cd7 with logging and GPS.

Thanks so much everyone!

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if you want to use a DTM connector, why don't you have someone with the proper tooling make you some pigtails (connector with flying leads), these you can splice using your butt-connections. You could ask for pigtails with terminating resistors already spliced in at the terminals.

I would be happy to make those for you, but I'm sure you could find a local motorsport prep shop in Canada to do without international shipping involved.

You could also just use normal crimp male / female spade connectors instead of your permanent butt-connections.

Ok 👍 the kpro harness that attaches to the board is $12 online but at my local electronics store is $4. I'm just going to crimp the butts. Thanks for the reply!

In case it's helpful, a few companies sell DTM connectors with terminating resistors pre-installed.



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