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LED Test Light

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Where does Zac get the LED test light in the Test Light video in the tools section of the Basic course?

OR.....what is a good LED test light? Will any of them that indicate red for power and green for ground work just the same, even if its got a positive and negative clamp? (Typically dubbed "computer safe")

Would the "computer safe" ones actually be BETTER for automotive diag, especially pulsed signals? Thanks!

There are a lot of "smart" test lights out there. Here is one example: https://www.amazon.com/Lisle-28800-Digital-Light-Tester/dp/B0BKGXBTWH

I made my own custom smart light out of an old dumb light I had. I added a red and green LED in parallel with each other, but each in series with the incandescent bulb. So it can tell me if there's power and also which direction the power is flowing. And I can check an A/C signal like a VR sensor, and it will light up both LEDs.

I'm a big fan of the Power Probe offerings, but there are certainly others out there.

It does show different colors and if you turn sound on it makes different sounds for power or ground. It can also send power or ground if desired to further test circuits. More advanced models can display the voltage if you're looking for more. They also have kits with various add ons.


@Mike I do already have a Power Probe, its very handy. I need to upgrade to their master kit sometime. Nice to know something I already own can be used, but dont they have issues with pulsed signals? Things like turn signals seem to work fine, but something that has a frequency seems to not really register? Or do the more advanced models lend themselves better to this task? Thanks!

@Wedge or Matt: very handy idea, I will have to look into making one of those.

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