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Link "A" loom, using shield/gnd or gnd out.

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I bought a Link loom "A" for my G4X monsoon so I don't have to build a harness from scratch. I'm not sure if it's OK to use the SHIELD/GND pin for BOTH hall sensor power ground and shielding ground.

This loom has two shielded cables, each containing two insulated wires and a bare strand. I tested continuity of those wires and this is what i found (see attached image). I think this loom design wants me to use the ECU shield/gnd pin for both shielding ground AND trigger sensor power ground using the white wires. I'm not sure if this way of wiring will work...

It gets even more confusing for a first timer like myself. In the Link manual there is a trigger sensor wiring diagram, basically telling me to connect trigger sensor power grounds to GND OUT pin on ECU.... could this possibly mean that the SHIELD/GND and GND OUT pins are interchangeable?

also I'm not sure about the purpose of this uninsulated strand in the picture.

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The uninsulated wires are the shield grounds. Those should go to where you are indicating.

Sensor grounds should go to Gnd Out (green) which is third row down second from the right.

Just make sure you only ground the shielded wire at the ECU end.

At least this is my understanding. Hopefully Adam can come and confirm for you.

The pins labelled Shield/gnd and "Gnd out" are all "sensor ground", you can use them interchangeably. On our A loom, the white cam and crank ground wires and the shield are all connected to pin 7.

At the sensor end of the loom you snip the bare drain wire off and connect the white to the -ve or ground pin of the sensor.

Adam, that's what I initially assumed. Thanks for confirming this for me.

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