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Link is broken

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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The link provided doesn't work at this time. Site noted as unavailable.

Which link?

It would REALLY help if people would give that basic information - not picking on you, it seems to be a very common expectation that the admin' staff're psychic and can read the minds of those posting.

Wasn't sure if the post was tied to the specific video or not. Clearly not. The link was referenced on the grounding video and was noted to be from Andy at Adaptronic: https://adaptronicecu.com/blogs/modular-instructional-videos/ecu-grounding-tips

The entire site is currently down, so until the site is back up and running, that specific link will be broken too.

It seems the Australian (?) branch has closed its doors - https://adaptronic.com.au/ - if they were hosting the link it's gone.

"All Adaptronic staff have already been integrated into the Haltech family, with product support and warranty still being available to existing Adaptronic customers for a period of 12 months. For warranty and support please email tech@adaptronic.com.au and the team will be there to service your requirements."

Haltech bought them out a while back, and they have many useful videos on their YT channel, so you may find something there that is either the same vid' or something equally useful - https://www.youtube.com/@haltech

Perhaps it's this one still on youtube:


Good find, David, well done.

Just a quick note, I have a link to the archive page up for the moment and will get something up in an article on the HPA site just in case that (well found, thanks!) YouTube video disappears in the future too.

RIP Adaptronic eh.

For anyone curious, this is the course module in question: https://www.hpacademy.com/dashboard/courses/wiring-fundamentals/power-grounding-circuits

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