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List and recomendation for wiring tools

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I like to start a thread where everyone can share there recomendations and expierience with wiring tools. A small review and a link where to buy would be great.

I personally can recomend the follow crip tools

- Deutsch HDT-48-00

Criptool for solid Deutsch DT Series pins, great adjustability from AWG 12 to 22


- Engineer PAD-11

Best Crimp tool i every bought, truely Japanese engineering! Makes great crimps on open barell connetors. Best is that you have always the right size for every barell and wire size. Works also great of AMP connector found on LINK and Motec ECU's. The Die are interchangable and can be bought separate. I'm going to buy also the PAD-12 and PAD-13 which are for bigger barrells.


Ultra precise crimping for open barrel connectors

.7mm, 1.0mm, 1.3mm, 1.6mm, 1.9mm, and 2.2mm die widths

Patent pending interchangeable die system for expanded die widths

Ergonomically designed handles with tether strap hole

Equipped with a wire stripper and cutter



Hi Andre

I just seen that you use the Knippex tool with interchangable dies.


I nearly bought it also. Can you recommend it?

It would be great if we could carry on with this post, will be a very good refernce point for people starting out, as I and many others will have found the amount of cross reference numbers between mil-spec and the various brands of terminals/tools/connectors etc has the ability to melt your brain.

Id like to add a little here

what seems to be the go to tool to start with is the

DMC AF8 or m22520/1-01 or astro 615708 or HDT-48-00

this tool along with turret TH163 or m22520/1-04 or astro 615711 is a good start to cover 12-22awg solid barrel terminals found in AS connectors and the Deutsch DTM,DT,DTP or the identical Amphenol ATM,AT,ATP.

the mini version of this tool is

DMC AFM8 or m22520/2-01 or astro 615717

this tool along with positioner K40 or m22520/2-07 & K42 or m22520/2-09 are what is actually advised for size 22 in the AS connectors

Ill add any more info as I learn, please advise if ive made any mistakes.

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