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MoTeC M150 de-pin tool / method

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Hi guys,

I'm wondering if there's a recommendation out there for tooling for de-pinning the Tyco Supereal 1.0 pins in the MoTeC M150 connectors. I've had limited luck using spare Autosport de-pin tools, and am wondering if there's a better method?



Usually, I can just pull the wire to remove the terminal (once the terminals are unlocked with the big-white button on the side). Occasionally, I need to use a small pointy tool to push the terminal, but this is pretty rare if the crimping has been done properly. Often I need to use my pointy tool with the Ethernet connections.

Thanks David. It was the Ethernet connection I was struggling with. I used a bit of stainless .030 welding wire to push the socket side out. Worked pretty well once I got the hang of it.

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