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Multiple Splices Before Branching

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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In the Bundling and Branching example, only one splice is used. What is best practice when there are multiple splices before branching? Say for 5v, 12v and sensor ground.

I'm looking for guidance on the following best practices with multiple splices before branching:

- Should the splices be spread apart to help keep thickness of the harness to a minimum? If yes, do you tape around each SCL covered splice for added strain relief?

I find putting splices at a branch point makes it much more difficult to have a neat and tidy finished product. So, I prefer to put the splices at the ECU connector instead of a branch point.

A few pro's this way: The splice is easier to reach if any changes/repairs are necessary. Much easier to have really clean/tidy branches. It also improves reliability through redundancy (reduces single point of failure for all sensors).

Downside is that more wires need to be run a longer distance. If you're using a bulkhead connector, you'll need a bigger/more expensive one.

Thanks for the feedback, Matt.

At work (Automotive OEM) we used to spec staggered splices in the harness to avoid bundles diameter buildup and reduce risk of two splices straining one another and causing a failure. I've just been dealing with this today and as Matt says above it does seem to have made a bit of a mess of the transition points. I'll avoid wherever possible but stagger them when they're needed and just have to make the best of a bad situation trying to keep the transitions neat

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