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oem connector question

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Hey everyone,

Could anyone give me some info on who manufactured Nissan's Engine harness and ecu connectors for the 90's models like the 240/200sx. I have been looking around in a bunch of forms/google and cannot seem to find the correct answer.

I actually purchased a complete connector and ecu plug setup from wiringspecialties for this s14 but I was trying to locate a professional crimping tool for this assembly but cannot even figure out who makes the connectors.

these are the guys you want to contact. Look through their site and if you need help contact them directly.

Yup, I actually have been buying alot of stuff from them already.

i dont know anything about the actual nissan connectors, but i'll leave you with a few links to various suppliers.

TE makes or own the brands to a lot of the common connectors utilized.

other possibilities are molex and sumitomo as well

another expensive option is

hope this helps