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piggyback ecu

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i would like to know how to wire piggyback ecu properly because last time i did i had no spark and i dont know if its the parameters that i didnt took on the software or my wiring failed.

Hello Βασίλης,

You are going to have to post a few more details, such as the piggyback ecu & the application it's going in, along with any documentation that came with it.

The ecu is ultratech chrono and is going into fiat seicento 1.1.This is the diagram i followed and i dont know if i should take some parameters in order to have spark.

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Assuming you have checked all 12V supplies & grounds to both the piggyback ECU & Fiat ECU and that you have communication to both and they all check out okay. Confirm that you don't have an injection pulse also with an LED test light. If you have access to an oscilloscope, check for a signal from your crank sensor to the piggyback ECU. If that's okay it probably means your trigger wiring is okay. Next I would check for an output signal from the piggyback ECU to the Fiat ECU. If there is no output, I would be contacting the supplier help line and telling them what you found; this will give them a head start in helping you out.

Linked here is their dealer network, they seem well supported in Greece which is good for you.

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