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Pulling long runs of wire through heat shrink.

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I apologize if this has been covered already but after searching and googling I've come up empty. Does anyone have a way to pull runs of 5+ feet of wire through long heat shrink. I prefer to not use plastic corrugated loom and only use braided loom for inside of the vehicles. I like to use heat shrink to loom wires that are outside constantly and exposed to them elements. I've tried using a wire tape spool and other tools but have been unsuccessful without great headache and or help from my co workers. I haven't tried a long solid fiberglass rod yet but maybe that's the trick. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Isopropyl alcohol will help lubricate it and choose the appropriate size heat shrink that has a recovered diameter just smaller than your loom to ensure it recovers tightly but is the largest diameter to get over the section of loom.

I have two favorite tricks for long runs of narrow tubing.

1 - I have a 8' long piece of stainless steel piano wire, with a 1/2" U-hook at one end. Feed this wire through the sheathing, solder / crimp the wires you wan to pull, and let the hook grab one of the wires. Clamp piano wire in a vice and with an assistant (sometimes another vise on the other side of the room), just move the sheathing over the wires.

2 - feed a single wire through (i use new wire still on the spool), the sheathing. solder all the wires and the single feed wire together. Setup as above and pull the sheathing over the wire bundle. I use tend to use this method most of the time as the problem for me is the really long runs (10' +).

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