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Racepak IQ3 connector (USB to dash)

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Probably a very silly question but I'm struggling to find the answer. What is the type of connector that goes in the back of the dash to allow communication with a laptop?

It goes usb to serial then serial too ?

I'm looking to flush dash mount my usb connections (ecu and dash) so am making up custom usb cables but cannot find Info on the racepack connector. It almost looks like a 3.5mm head phone socket.

so has no one done this or is the answer so simple?

I still cant find any information...

You might find you'll get more answers if you post in the general tuning section, this part of the forum is really meant to be for questions on the EFI wiring fundamentals course.

I haven't dealt with a RacePak for a while, but I do know that with the Aim Dashes I used to have to make custom cables for communications with them, these consisted of a 3.5mm stereo jack into the back of the dash, and then this was wired to USB plug for connecting to the Laptop. I also used to make custom panel mounts from them using a USB type B socket for the dashes that where mounted in binnacles.

Having a look at what information that I have found, you may be able to do the same with the cable out of the RacePak, thus getting rid of the need to have a USB to serial cable as well, and all of the issues that go along with them. You should be able to make a interface cable quite easily and cheaply to test if you can go directly into the USB port on the laptop, it used to cost me around $10AU in parts to make the cables that I did.

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