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SCL vs ATUM - DTM Connectors

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I wanted to know when it would be best to utilize SCL vs ATUM to act as a boot on the ends of DTM and DT connectors?

Both have pro's and cons. SCL looks nicer with its black glue and dark colour which matches DR25 well. However SCL is only 2:1 shrink ratio so on many connectors it will need 2 or sometimes 3 stepped sizes to transition down from connector size to loom size. ATUM is available in 3:1 or 4:1 so it will usually do it in one piece but it is not always as aesthetically pleasing due to thicker wall, lighter grey colour and the yellow glue oozing out. In terms of stiffness etc, SCL is more rigid in general but they usually end up feeling pretty similar after shrinking due to the ATUM having a thicker wall.

SCL is 3:1 shrink ration but is not always sufficient to shrink down to the DR25, hence often people stagger it. It looks ugly though, so if aesthetics is a factor, use Raychem 202K111-25-0 or 202K232-25-0 boots.

Thanks guys - I was curious if there were specific scenarios where the extra rigidity of SCL was necessitated. For example connectors that come on and off a lot, etc.

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