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Sensor ground splicing

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I've been reading through the forums regarding this subject but would just like to clarify it a little more.

I'm planning out my harness for an FT600 and we are logging as much as we can, so i am needing 17 sensor ground wires and 14 +5volt wires.

Would you still join each of them with their own single splice staggered near the ecu pin?

That's a lot of sensors, awesome, better to have data and not need it, than really need it and not have it!

I've not wired in an FT600, but it most likely has multiple sensor supply (5V) pins, and sensor ground pins? You'll want to split the load relatively evenly between these, and that'll make the splicing much easier aswell. As they run a Superseal 1.0 connector, you'll most likely be using stamped contacts and crimping them. You can run 2 22AWG wires into the pin and crimp it down reliably, then splice those two out as required. This will compromise the sealing of the connector though, so keep that in mine, but it's not usually a big concern.

Hi Zac, unfortunately they only have 1 of each sensor ground and +5v, hence my question.

17 grounds, means you need to splice 18 wires together, that does seem really excessive.

Do some test splices to see how it works for you.

If you're running 22awg, then an ~8awg splice should work. If 24awg wires, then a ~10awg splice should work.

If you can't splice that many together, then this is probably a good place for a bus bar.

If it were me, I would split those splices up and move them to the next relevant breakout, this will not only give you more manageable splices, but will also mean 30 less wires in the main ECU branch.

Something like this:

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