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When using shielded wiring, does the signal wire have to be shielded by itself? Or can twin core twisted shielded be used for 2 wire and 3 wire sensors? (obviously a 3rd non-shielded wire would be run separate for a 3 wire sensor)

In the case of a 3 wire sensor, which wire would be best to run along side the signal wire in the twin core twisted shielded wire? Positive or negative?

Thanks for any help that can be provided. :)

I shield the entire circuit. If i have a 3-wire hall sensor, I use 3-core shielded wire on it. Same for VR circuits. I don't see why you would only shield 2 wires and run a third non-shielded wire to the same device

hope that helps

Thanks for the reply.

The main reason for the twin core is I have a roll of it. And I noticed that with the haltech flying lead kits only the signal wire is shielded...

Gotcha, I prefer the full sensor wire to be under the shield, but I'll admit, shielded wire (especially the teflon shielded wire) can be pricey.

Plus, you get the added bonus of your harness being a lot more neat and organized. But anywho, if you are going to do the 2-wire shield, then I would put the gnd and signal under the shield and the power wire outside. Don't forget to ground the shield on the ECU side or the shield won't do anything.

With the haltech flying lead, it's done like that because it's a budget thing, company gets to keep it's cost down and so does the average consumer. Nothing wrong with it, it's just one of those "there are more ways to skin a cat" scenarios :)

Yeah, that's what I was thinking, ground with the signal.

And yeah, I have twisted pair shielded teflon wire.

Thank you for your help.

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