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Splicing in an existing OEM wire harness

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I am looking to splice into various wires on my existing OEM harness, but unsure which approach since cutting the OEM wire and splicing in my new lead with an open barrel crimp will shorten the OEM length which is bad by itself, and it would cause buckling or extra tension compared to the other wires in the bundle.

So, two options come to mind.

Is it better to leave it intact, and remove about 1 inch of the insulation, then crimp the new wire into that area, and wrap it with electrical tape, or is it better to cut the wire, and extend it 1” so that two crimps are next to each other and then use proper heat shrink?

I approach splicing like I approach terminating with service loops. Sure my OCD would like it to be 'just right' but chances are i'll be slightly off so if its a non-EMI sensitive splice I run a few inches extra and loop back on itself.

Thank you for the info. Is there any way you can post a photo of what you are referring to? I don't know what you mean about looping it back on itself with a few extra inches.

Sorry, holidays and don't have anything to snap a photo of. What I'm saying is approach your splices like you would an ECU/other large termination point and put service loops in with an intentional (read - not long cause you're not measuring) extra bit of lead.

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