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TXL wire or XLPE wire? Full vehicle wire up.

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I am having trouble sourcing TXL wire here in Australia. I can only seem to find it from suppliers who sell 500m (1600ft) minimum lengths!

In my search i have come across XLPE wire, is this another name for TXL wire or is it comparable?

I can find Tefzel wire reasonably priced but feel its overkill for a street car. I am looking for wire to completely re-wire the entire car (headlight to tail light).

Should i just use standard PVC wire for the vehicle wiring and Tefzel/TXL for the Engine/fuel side of things?

Any advice appreciatted

Yes, TXL is the SAE name given to thin wall insulated wire, using XLPE as the insulation material. Just make sure whatever you get has a temp rating up to 125 degrees C, and you should be fine :-).

Goes without saying, but stranded wiring only, no solid core, its for houses. :-).

Whoops, I missed the second part of your question. I've use TXL / XLPE for it all if you can, you'll probably end up saving money, as you wont need to hit the minimum order quantities twice.

Thanks for the reply

I can get a particular kind of automotive cable very easily and much cheaper than TXL or Tefzel. It has a temp rating of V90.

I was thinking of using this for things like tail lights, indicators, wipers etc.. and using TXL for engine, fuel, cooling and headlights.

Or is it better to just stick with the TXL?

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That wire has a "rating" of 25A*, rather high for what you need and adding un-needed weight - but if the price is right and it is run in cool areas, should be fine. I would 100% defer to Zac, however - he is the EXPERT in this stuff!

I would add a couple of comments, though - Murphy's Law means if someone can use the wrong wire, sooner or later they will - why I just keep 8.8 bolts, etc, around as if there isn't a lower grade around, you or a 'helper' won't use one in a critical application because 'it'll be fine for that little bit'. Second, you're doubling up on the wiring you're keeping 'in- stock' and it can be cheaper to just hold one type, even if it is a bit more expensive per unit length, as the 'cheap' stuff isn't also sitting on the shelf.

*More info on the wire here.


I spent forever looking for txl in Australia and thats the best I could find, some sizes are hit and miss on availability and 18awg is their smallest size but the price is ok for small lots.

Otherwise even ex USA seemed difficult, I just bought some tefzel from prowire but even with their fairly low shipping prices it worked out similar to buying specc 44 from GR motorsports.

Waytek seem to be the best place to order from online price wise if you can find a use for 500ft lots (I considered buying some and selling half off or something) but they dont have an option to ship overseas and by that point I was over trying and paid more elsewhere.

I just found rapid cables today actually lol. I am putting in an order tomorrow.

Gord, i was only showing that wire as an example for the insulation properties.

Thanks for the replies guys

Zooki, that was the supplier I had narrowed it down to - must have missed posting it, or maybe it was in another thread?

Ahhh, OEX. There's a brand I haven't seen in a little while, not since my Repco days. While it's not ideal, the door harnesses in my Starion are made from PVC insulated wire from OEX. I'm confident they'll be reliable because of the environment they work in, but its not the choice I would make again, mainly due to having TXL wire on the shelf these days.

I got TXL wire from custom wiring solutions. Bought it by the meter in several lengths and colours. I think hes in brisbane


Awesome thanks

That seems quite expensive to me. That is priced per meter!

This place is less than half price.


Great site! Cheers!

Awesome links in this post, cheers guys! I'll add them to the stickied post up the top.

Anyone needing short lengths of TXL or TEFZEL we have a majority of colours in stock

visit ryderracing.com.au

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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