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volvo redblock CPS setup and wiring. EMU CLASSIC

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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im helping a buddy to wire and tune an emu classic in his 940,

Everything is working except the crank and camp position sensors. i havent used a 3 wire hall sensor ever and im not sure how to wire and setup the parameters.

crankshaft sensor 3547847 (oem volvo 940)

Camshaft sensor 0232101023 (volvo 850)

i know that the 3 wires are: signal, ground and positive, but im not sure if this sensor needs 12 or 5v, the major part of the info for these engines is in swedish and cant found anything.

I tried to use the scope function and it doesnt show anything.

Any input is a big help!


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Hello sorry i can thelp woth the ecu settings but

pin 1 trigger ground

pin 2 trigger signal

pin 3 12v

Regards Ross

The 850 cam sensor is hall effect, however the 940 crank sensor is not, they are a VR sensor.

In the pic below, "Out" is the signal, center pin is ground, "S" is shield.


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