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What connectors do you use inside a road car interior?

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Hey guys, just working my way through the HP Academy wiring courses (fundamentals, and practical club level), at the same time as re-working some of my wiring in my modified 1970's Holden road car.

I've bought a reasonable Deutsch DT connector range for things in the engine bay, inside the guards, and also a round Deutsch HD30 for a firewall plug.

My question is not really EFI harness related... it's what should I be using for random harness stuff relating to wiper motor switches, aftermarket heater fan connectors, etc. inside the dash of the car?

I picked up some really cheap opel barrel connectors on eBay that accept "2.8mm" wire, but the pins are so incredibly thin that I don't think I'd trust them with enough current to run a wiper motor, for example.

Using the DT connectors doesn't seem justified in a gentle, dry environment where I don't need environmental protection.

I have a closed barrel crimper for the DT pins, and an open barrel crimper for other requirements. If there's a good assorted pack of a suitable "commodity" type connector with 2, 4, 6 pin setups etc. then I'd be interested to hear recommendations.



You can google for Aptiv (formerly known as Delphi) Metri-Pack connectors. They are widely used.

You could go 80s and use an 250 Armlock. As unrefined and bulky compared to modern connectors they never break.


You could also have a look at AMP Superseal 1.5 connectors. These are commonly available, relatively cheap, water proof, and rated up to 21A I believe. I think they are available from 1 to 6 cavities. If you have a look online it should be quite easy to figure out what you need. Loads of crimp terminal and seal sizes and the boots for Bosch Jetronic connectors also fit these.

If you're not bothered about any sealing I would suggest having a look at TE MATE-N-LOK. Available in all sorts of sizes and colors and very cheap.

Thanks for the advice, gents.

Some suitable options mentioned above I think. :)

As suggested above Superseal or Econoseal are very cheap and if you wanted more pin count Molex should have something that suits, however I would still suggest using Deutsch DT type connectors in the interior just for piece of mind and im assuming youve already made the investment in DT crimp tooling so the on costs should be so crippling.

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