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wideband into haltech sport 1000

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Hi Ben,

I was wondering can I wire in my lsu 4.9 sensor into my haltech sport 1000 plug and play for my evo 7 or do I have to buy the wideban can kit?? surely there is a way to do this without having to purchase another wideband kit? any ideas

Yes, I did this to a few cars already with the sport 1000 including my own. You need to wire the signal wire on the gauge to a AVI signal wire on your ecu harness.After you do that you have to go to the AVI drop-down list and click wideband sensor 1 for whatever AVI signal wire you pick( i have 4 AVI inputs). Once you do that click on the wideband sensor tab on the top of the screen and calibrate the gauge and enable it. Its usually 0-5v ,10-20AFR but, thats just an example for most you have to look at the manual for the wideband you are using. Hope this helps.

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