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Wire seals for Bosch "Junior Timer" style connectors (Injectors, Knock Sensors etc)

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Has anyone had problems seating the wire seals into the back of "mini timer" connector bodies?

They "stick out" as per the 1st pic.

The seal is inserted correctly in the pin (as far as I can tell - second pic), and the pin is fully seated in the connector body.

Maybe they are not really used? One set of connectors I purchased from one retailer had seals included, and a different retailer didn't.

Thanks in advance!



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That is a poorly done chinese clone, no real sealed JPT connector housing is like that, none use square seals that I have seen either. You can get two different lengths of JPT terminals, but even if you had the wrong one I dont think it would make up that difference you have.

That style of EV connector isn't intended to use the seals. It uses the shorter JPT terminals and a back boot like the one you have as a weather seal.

While I can't comment on whether you have a chinese clone, I will say that the housing style/shape around the terminals is the same as genuine, Bosch PN 1287013003. Can't see the rest of the connector in those photos to know more but there are many variants of EV1 connectors. See the links below:



Thanks all for the feedback and links. I started down a rabbit hole looking up official TE drawings for connectors and contacts etc. I could write a whole research paper about it.

Since the boot makes a nice robust seal around the connector and sheathing I decided to clip the square bit off the back of the seals and still use the round bit to help with a neat crimp. Otherwise the crimp tabs are too big for the wire insulator so it looks shit without one. Picture attached.

I also obtained spare pins from a "reputable source". They are the same length but they don't have the double "jaws" (?) as the real ones do. The proper ones do grip tighter than the "single jaw" ones. Pic also attached.

Thanks again,


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The single barb, single layer terminal is a Junior timer, the double barb with stainless helper spring is a junior power timer. JT are unsealed only and do a max of 20A, JPT are available in sealed & unsealed variations and supposedly up to 30A and less derating at higher temps. A JT terminal will usually work in a JPT housing but a JPT terminal will usually not work in a JT housing.

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