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EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I found some topics about crimping tools but none of them was very useful. At wiring fundamentals course there's only mentioned that different tools for different connectors. I hope it becomes a useful thread.

What kind of tools do you recommend for a different type of connectors and pins?

As some of the tools are very expensive there's sometimes cheaper alternatives. Do you have any experience with alternatives? Also, i understand that it also depends on how much you use the tools. Making wirings daily or just a few in a year.

Some connector types (please complement or group up). Pictures of tools would also be nice.

1. Bosch connectors

2. Superseal connectors

3. Deutsch connectors

4. MIL spec connectors

5. 40A and 70A relay pins

What kind of pin removal tools would you recommend for different connector types?

What kind of wire stripping tool do you recommend?

Prowire USA have some good info on different tools and what each tool crimps. Or select a connector plug and it will recommend the tool needed to do the job.

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