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Cylinder head flow bench / testing

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Hi, I'm looking to purchase a cylinder head flow bench. At the shop I own, we build many high performance engines, and I'd like to get more technically involved with the numbers so we can produce better products.

My question is;

What should I look for when shopping for a flow bench? I've never used one and thus have no idea what features and things I should be looking for when shopping for one.

If anyone has any experience using one, and feels they could have used a different/better design, please share with me your experience.

We mainly build RB26, RB25DET, 2JZ, 3SGTE, SR20DET (in that order)

hello andre. would it be ok to email you a couple question I have on a rb25 that I am building. I don't want to be rude and ask here unless u don't care.

I'm sorry but head flow testing is something I've never dealt with myself. I know that Superflow have a good reputation in the industry so I'd be asking if a Superflow rep can put you in touch with a porting shop that has their product in Canada (or the US) and talk to the shop owner about their experiences.

If you aren't a head specific shop, you can build your own on the cheap with some pretty accurate results. Search for PTS flow bench. All that you're really after is a confirmation of a gain before and after work. To me, it's kind of like a before and after dyno and talking about flow numbers across benches is an exercise in phallic measurement.

I don't have any hands on experience running a flow bench, but I've heard the Superflow SF-750 does a good job. https://www.superflow.com/aspx/prodDetail.aspx?prodid=16&catid=4&navid=10

Measuring just the flow of the cylinder head without intake and exhaust makes any sense or is it a half job?

It's common to test with a bare head, usually to see how well the ports flow.

Rotrex', they are a tool, for comparative testing, but the head is just part of the whole system that must be considered - in some cases a 'bigger' head loses torque, power and response.

Thanks for the replies everyone !

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