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FA20/BRZ stock rocker arms are held in place just by the pressure of the valve springs and nothing else!! Would it be a good idea to get a rocker arm retainer kit ?

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Hi fellow engine builders. Im almost finished with my FA20 engine build and I am working on completing the valve train. Then I saw that a lot of FA20/BRZ were blowing up do to rocker arm failure do to nothing holding them inplace besides the pressure of the valve spring . Has any one used our recommend a kit that uses a retainer clip that slides on to the rocker and hooks to the end of the pivot ?

Here is a link below to a video on how the retainer kit works


If they don't cost a lot it is probably a worthwhile backup just in case a spring fails, however I think a lot of people try to use products like this to cover the fact that their rockers/valve springs aren't stiff enough for the cam lift/profile/revs they are using. So long as you aren't using them as a bandaid for poor component selection why not.

No they would be used along with supertech valves and valve springs. I believe that since the retainers don’t add any mass to the side of the rocker that moves and it’s just on the pivot point side. it will be some assurance that it doesn’t fail with a over rev or bouncing off the rev limiter during a missed shift. Also Cause I’m raising the red line from the stock 7400rpm to some were in between 8000 and 8400rpm . It will just depend on where the power band peaks at with the different cams and +1mm larger valves.

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