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Pleas excuse the novice question but curiosity is getting the best of me. I have not built an entire engine and like to get all my mental ducks in a row before I start any such project. That being said I have a question when it comes to measuring bearing clearances. When measuring main bearing clearance and big end clearance on the rods at the crank.... its necessary to torque the caps for both the main bearings and rods before measuring clearance. Do any main caps and rod caps require any stretching after being torqued? Does this require having 2 sets of bolts for each, one to measure with and another for final installation? Curious since if we stretch them they are not to be used again. If the fasteners are to be torqued and then stretched, do we just torque and not stretch when measuring for clearances before actual install? Thanks


Yes, in order to check the bearing clearance we need to correctly torque the conrod cap/main bearing cap to the block. In most instances with a performance engine we won't be using torque to yield fasteners though so they are reusable.

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