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Blending from pump e85

Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning

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I'm using these flask like ethanol content tester. My pump e85 has 80 percent ethanol. As per calculation i need a mixture 1 to 1 to get e40

But mixing 1 to 1 i get something around e33. By trying I found out that a mixture of about 1 Benzin to 1.28 pump e85 is needed to get to e40

My flask gushes have a scale till 60 and 70 percent so i use a piece of cardboard to extend the scale.

Where is my mistake?

Strange, you seem to be doing it correctly.

You have 8/10 ethanol and 2/10 benzin, by adding another 10/10 benzin you have 8/20 ethanol and 12/20 benzin. This should be the E40 you want.

I think your mistake is the way you're using the testing equipment, more specifically, assuming the 'extension' is correctly calibrated. Can you give more information on exactly what it is you're using, and how?

If you test the base Benzin for Ethanol, what does it show? Some petrol mixes can have up to 10% Ethanol added.


I'm using the testers as per linked below. I do it same way as described in video. The Benzin I use is is pure 95 octane Benzin its yellow and more expensive. The other Fuel is offered here is called Gasohol and is supposed to be E10. Both testers show equal results.



Steven, if the pure benzine had any alcohol in it, it would give a higher, not lower E value when mixed, eg if actually E10 it would give a 50-50 mix of E45.

Phillip, are you absolutely sure you're following the proceedure correctly, and are absolutely sure you are getting the same volumes of the "E85" and the benzin? And you have correctly added the extra divisions to the scale?

If you have all that done correctly, I'm stumped, because both conditions can't exist.

You could send a sample of the 50-50 mix and the other mix for lab' testing?


Totally forgot to post the answer. I made pictures of the whole process. I'm 1000 percent sure to do it correctly.

Please see pictures


Just an easier way to scroll over your test images.


Can anyone recommend a digital Guage to measure ethanol content in a canister?

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