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Cold Start Tuning without a finished WOT Fuel Map

Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning

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Dear High Performance Academy, as we move into the colder seasons here in the states I have not had the chance to finish my car's E85 tune in the WOT Fuel Map. I am 90% done with this map but the Main Fuel Map is complete. I just recently started on the Cranking Enrichment. Does anyone have any experience on whether I should not have started the Cranking Map or this might not be an issue as the WOT Fuel Map is completely different? Thank you all for your time.


Unless you are cranking the engine with the throttle wide open, the cranking enrichment will not be anywhere near the WOT area of the fuel map. You will need to have the idle and just off idle area of the map well tuned so that the compensations are being correctly applied.

Thanks for the post. Yes, that is already taken care of. Andre mentioned that all areas of the fuel maps must be properly tuned before even thinking about tuning the cranking map. I think this will be alright. I will keep this updated if something were to go wrong.

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