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Ethanol content sensor temperature reading

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Is -40C the lowest that the Ethanol content sensor can read ?? 100% Ethanol and Dry ice -109.3F /-78.5C are readily available in my area. If you have 2 fuel cells next to each other . One with the dry ice & ethanol bath being pumped through a aluminum coil of fuel line in the ethanol engine fuel supply. It would be more dense. How would this effect the tuning of the EFI system ?? Intake air temp after injectors would be very cold.

What about pumping the -109 F /-78C Ethanol through a liquid to air intercooler in a turbo or Procharger application with the IAT downstream of the intercooler?? $6 for a 10lb / 4.53KG block of dry ice . Thoughts on this ??

Ethanol freezes at -173.5F / -114.1 C . Dry ice and Ethanol mixtures are commonly used in scientific laboratories . To freeze items being tested in the lab

Ethanol vaporizes very poorly when cold. You will have tons of unburned fuel entering your engine and starting problems.