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Fg falcon flex fuel options?

Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning

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So I’m just about to start on learning to tune efi and I have my own vehicle that I’ll be starting off with. It is a 2009 Fg falcon Ute, 5spd auto and didn’t come with the flex fuel option that I believe the mk2 had(not 100%sure on that). Now I have free access to hp tuners through work minus buying credits and access to our dyno but we don’t do very much of the petrol stuff mostly diesel so the fellas here don’t know much on this subject either unfortunately. Now I’m going to starting off with the basic of tuning the car as it is first and when I have rapped my head around it I would like to move on to fuel changes but as far as I have been able to tell it doesn’t look like there is any plug and play kit options using the hp tuners software for flex fuel. I have seen pcm teck have something but I don’t have access to pcmtech and would have to purchase all the gear to use it which I’d prefer not to have to do. So I know cars and engines and custom builds, can practically pull anything apart and work out how it works and put it back together or make improvement fortunately.I understand the differences in ethanol and petrol and fuel system changes that need to be made like compatible fuel lines, pump, injectors etc but a lot of my experience has been in mechanical injection diesel or carby petrol so just starting to understand the efi petrol stuff and computer programming.

so I guess can anyone give me some insight on if they have done a bit of a custom or plug and play flex fuel system on a car or this particular flacon type that didn’t come with flex fuel option in it and using hp tuners program.


PCMTec have a flex fuel solution for falcons which allows you to repurpose the rear o2 sensor input.

You would need a fuel composition analyzer like a zeitronics which can provide a 0-5v output as the output from the fuel composition sensor is variable frequency variable pulse width which the ECU can't natively recieve.

PCMTec achieved this with custom OS so you wouldn't be able to do this with HP Tuners.

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