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Where to buy E100 in Australia

Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning

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Hi Guys,

Does anyone know of a good supplier of E100 in Sydney? I have googled around for "denatured ethanol" and there are lots of results, but none are clear as to exactly what the content of this chemical is - some places were selling methylated spirits as "denatured" ethanol, but the actual ethanol/methanol/pyridine content wasn't specified.

The other question I have, is that since denatured alcohol already has petroleum hydrocarbons in it, technically it isn't E100 at all and it is already at a lower percentage of ethanol. How do we factor this into the equations when mixing up our own E85?


Hi Matt,

As E100 is considered to be alcohol, and it is taxed on it's alcohol content, you will be hard pressed to find E100 in affordable commercial quantities, and from my understanding you need to be registered with the ATO to be able to purchase it.

PowerPlus fuels in Sydney sell E98, by having the denaturing compound in the fuel, it is not considered alcohol (the denaturing compound is, amongst other things, a bittering agent that makes it unsuitable from consumption and in a fuel is quite often petrol) so is only taxed as any other fuel.


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