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Hi, let me introduce myself first. My name is Matias, im 24 years old from Argentina. lately ive been doing some research about this toyota engine(i already bought the engine) . And my first question is about direct and normal injection. since i wont be keeping the original ECU i will go with an aftermarket one. injector wise will it be possible for me to only use one fuel rail ( not the direct inje one) and swapping the other injectors with bigger ones to keep up with the fuel delivery?

I do have the wiring/sensors/fusebox/dashboard and the original ECU of the motor. the car was totaled (Lexus nx300 f sport) but the driver airbag was intact. but i dont know if it will work. At the same time im turning this into a manual build so keeping the original ecu will bring me problems. one being the electronic throttle.

Is it possible to run this motor with an AFTERMARKET ECU?

Yes, you can use an aftermarket ECU, with caveats.

Many entry/mid range options will allow you to run two sets of injectors on a four cylinder engine - this would allow the DI to be used for normal driving and a second port set for additional and/or alcohol based fuel, if required.

It uses an electronic throttle, so ECU needs to support that.

The caveats are that the engine ECU controls the oil squirters and it also needs to control both camshafts.

I'd suggest checking out the Toyota and LEXUS forums, specifically, as I expect there are others using the same engine for projects.

thanks for replying i really apreciate.

what entry /mid range ECU will you recommend to be able to control the oil squirters and camshafts?

and also is it possible to swap the electronic throttle with a wired one modifying the throttle body using a TPS?

about forums and info i really really been looking to find someone who is dealing with the same engine and using an aftermarket ECU. Will you recommend any forum or website that could have some information? in terms of tecnical info i bought the suscription to lexus manuals.

Sorry, not something I've played with.

If I were you, I'd start by finding out everything I can find about the way the squirters and camshafts are controlled, and anything else about the engine - you mentioned an electrical throttle body, for example - and what ECUs will be able to provide that control.

I'd also, unless you expect to tune it yourself, talk to your local tuning specilists on what they've experience of using and suggest as options.

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