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5v supply missing from ecu

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Hi, everyone seem to have encountered a problem with my apexi power fc. The TPS is getting no 5v signal and with a brand new wiring specialties harness I doubt it's a wiring issue. Have done a continuity test to be sure the wire was ok.

Question is can I use a 5v supply from a sensor I'm not using out of the ECU and redirect the power with no issues?

I don't know what your application is, but I'd confirm it's a 5V not 12V TPS.

Then often there is only one 5V output from an ECU, so it gets split to all 5V sensors, in which case if all other sensors have 5V, then it does sound like a harness issue.

Is a 5v TPS is an RB25 with a power FC ecu. I've managed to find another 5v output but now the issue is when you plug the TPS in it drops to 2v. All the harness is new from wiring specialties so I'd assume it's not that

I would verify the wiring at the TPS sensor. Perhaps your 5V supply voltage is connected to the TPS signal, so it sees a very low resistance when connected, dragging the 5V supply down to 2V.

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