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800 WHP 2JZ E90 Drift turbo sizing

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Hello all. I'm wondering how to correctly size the turbo for the new drift car. The engine is 3.0 L 2jz, 10:1 compression, GSC CAMS 269 (S1CAMS), springs, valves, ported head, Forged internals, Target HP 800-850 WHP, Running E85

Revlimit: 7,400 - 7,600 RPM

I'm choosing between Garret G30-900 and Garret G35-900. When I checked the compressor maps of both turbos, they were identical in everything.

Is there something I'm missing? I don't know which turbo size would give me the best result. I'd appreciate your input greatly

Appreciate you may have already bought something, but fiddling around with my spreadsheet, for ~850rwhp, assuming you peak power around 6800rpm, you are talking about 38psi boost and something in the order of 90 pounds of air on the map (at least corrected for filter loss/actual turbo inlet density) to make that power. That's really on/past max rpm on G35-1050, you should really be looking at G40-1150 if you definitely want that power rather than the boost threshold/response of the G35. You might get close with a 62mm inducer but almost certainly end in tears unless your wastegate strategy is limiting shaft speed. G35-1050 and target shaft speed would be the minimum size I would use.

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