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Anyone else used bathroom scales

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Anyone else used bathroom scales for corner weighing.

It’s an option on lighter cars. I bought 6 of them (4 for the front and 2 for the rears) for £42. They are the analogue type so if you go over the weight it’s typically ok as you don’t bottom out the scales and get an error like some digital scales. I’ve got a mini and it worked well. I’ve also got a clio 182 as my proper race car but not done any corner weighing on that yet.

I have considered some “parcel” scales that do up to 300kg each. They are £35 ish each but I think that might be close to error on the front for my clio. It might be a choice for some to use 6 of those for heavier cars.

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I've thought about it but my car is probably too heavy for most of those, and they often lack the accuracy of the real scales. On a budget tho, you can get pretty close. I've seen setups where it's the same concept, but spread over 2 scales(8 total) or on a lever so only 50% of the actual weight is on the scale. If they're in their expected operating range I'd expect some more accurate results. I believe they also have binding issues when you put lateral loads on the scale(your track width increasing/decreasing as the weight on the suspension changes)

If you do go this route, I would triple check all of my findings and repeat frequently as errors are more likely, however fundamentally, all you need is the weight on that corner to corner balance, so it can work.

I used 6 and spread the load at the front across two.

here is my end result. Ended up calculating 715kg which is very close to the kerb weight of the car with a rough estimate on how much fuel was in the car added on.

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It could work, to a point, with a light vehicle, but they aren't the most accurate option.

You could check, and maybe make up a chart with corrections if need be, by applying the same masses to each in turn and checking what they read.

What you are ultimately trying to do is get the car set up for the tyre loadings, proportionally, and the actual accuracy of the weighing isn't that important. Ifit was for a race series, it would have more importance, though, especially if working to a minimum/maximum weight class.

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