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AWD differentials explanation

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Hello HPA fam

i would like to know how the difference between front, rear and transfer case ratios on AWD work?

I've seen AWD Hondas that's has different ratios on differentials and and how its supposed to work between wheels speeds and why doesn't blow the transmission or transfers case...


It's the way their transfer works.

They have a second crown wheel which drives an output pinion gear and these have different numbers of teeth*.

This means the rear pinion, which is going to be driving the crown wheel, is going to be driven at a different speed and the gearing needs to compensate for this.

*Called "hunting" when each driving gear tooth eventually comes into contact with every driven gear wheel tooth, this is done to equalise wear, and one gear will usually be a prime number. eg 36:11, 37:12

"Semi-hunting" when some teeth are missed, but this is rarely used. eg 36:12

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