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Blink keypad compatibility with Nexus R3 and ECU Master PMU16

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Currently obtaining parts for a build. Have MS3 Evo, PMU16, AEM UEGO but have been considering selling the MS3 and AEM and getting a Nexus R3 for native DBW, Wideband, etc. I however would really like to run a Blink keypad which I know wont run with Haltech, but it will with the PMU16. My question is on the compatibility between the Nexus R3-PMU16-Blink keypad. Will they have to be on separate can channels or can they be on the same channel? Will the PMU16 be able to read the info from the Nexus to configure the buttons and LEDs and such on the keypad?

Thank you.

The PMU can be programmed to see CAN data from a grayhill keypad. I do not know if the Haltech branded version uses a standard form of can data, I know the addresses etc are different from a Motec grayhill but that's all I know for certain.

Haltech is not an open CAN like other brands are, you can't custom program incoming and outgoing messages. You'd have to sniff the CAN stream with and reverse engineer what you need that isn't on the PMU's template for Haltech ECU's.

I'd recommend either keeping it all Haltech with a PD16 or looking into an EMU pro or other more open ended CAN ecu. The Pro8 and 16 can handle dual DBW and are around the same price as the R3, albeit without the four 25 amp outputs. Both have built in widebands and I'd use those over the AEM.

PMU16 can interface with the Blink keypad Derek has.

PMU16 can control lights on the keypad, and you can send CAN messages from the PMU16 to other devices including your ECU, based on keypad button presses etc. to induce functionality on the other devices.

PMU16 can also receive CAN inputs from devices like ECUs, and use that data to influence the keypad.

To clarify regarding the Grayhill keypads sold by Haltech/MoTeC or otherwise, they are all the same data format but can be configured to use different CANOpen node IDs.

The Blink keypads can be reconfigured to 'emulate' a Grayhill keypad.

If you are intending to use the Keypad to set driver switch positions for adjustable boost/traction control then likely you would want to configure this all in the PMU and then transmit to the Haltech emulating an IO box

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